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Instructions for mini-Bubble exercise

Instructions for the mini-Bubble exercise

Step 1. Say hello and exchange first names

Step 2. Decide who is the first co-listener. You'll switch roles after 4-5 minutes

Step 3. Turn off your videos

Step 4. 

Open (1 min)

Co-listener: “Welcome to this mini-Bubble. This is a moment for you, I am here to listen. Tell me about a current situation where collective magic is not yet happening the way you'd want.”

(co-listener says nothing but 'mmh-mmh' for 60 seconds)

Explore (2-3 min)

Co-listener: “Who have you discussed this with?"


(co-listener says nothing but 'mmh-mmh' for 60 seconds)


Co-listener: “Who would it make sense to discuss this with?”

(co-listener says nothing but 'mmh-mmh' for 60 seconds)

Co-listener: “Who else?...”

Wrap up (1 min)

Co-listener:  “Any next steps you'd like to give yourself?"

Co-listener:  “Thanks for sharing. What are you coming out of this mini-Bubble with?” 

Step 5. Switch roles and repeat sequence starting from step 4.

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